Do not worry, Google play has availed you the whole category of the puzzle games that are ready to entertain, challenge and even to set your brain into the highest gear. The games which are listed here for you are all freely available. However, one should not mistake them for a lesser quality as they prevailed to help you achieve just the best of what you can get. These free puzzle games for your android phone is the most fun making games in the market today.

50 Rooms In 1

This is an escape game that provides you with a virtual escape room game. The game places you in one room for every challenge. In the office, you will be charged with the task of finding some hidden clues that will make you escape and get into the next room. Therefore, this game is merely a hybrid hidden materials game which is mixed with a setting of an escape room to help you have some fun while brainstorming you as well.

50 apartments in 1 game are played simply by tapping on various areas of the room to help you zoom in for a close-range of inspection. In the place, you are free to conduct a review of multiple items to find whether or not they have the clues or even other useful questions to help you escape.

Anything you find in this game tends to arrive at your inventory, and you are free to select it and utilize it on the various items within the room to see if it can lead to an effect towards your way out.  This whole process gives you fun and a lot more experience on how to find some of the valuables in a real-life situation.

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

This is a free puzzle game that allows you to play the Jason Voorhees way from Friday the 13th franchise. It wants you to solve a problem to help you slaughter unsuspecting campers. This game makes your experience while gaming in your android handset very amazing.

It allows you to slide the Jason around the map by use of the terrain which is availed there to guide and even stop him towards the next target to make. In this game, when to attain one, you might get a few cuts scene of brutality, but it should not worry you since it is not gory.

The X Construction Lite

Have you asked yourself how it can be exciting when the application developers tend to provide a free version that tends to provide the services which are supplied by the commercialized version or the full version? This is what happens with the x construction and the x construction lite.

The only distinction between these two versions of the game is that they differ in the number of bridges built as well as the ability of the player to save the games.  In this game, the task is about creating a deck that is strong enough to give room for a train to safely pass over. In the game, one can stick with the basics and be sure enough that the bridge will hold up the train.


For those who have held smartphones in the past, there is no need for an introduction for Tetris. This android version avails to you all the common challenge and fun back that you are going to find keeping the playability solid regardless of it being on the touchscreen gadget.

Unblock Me Free

This is one of those games that will remind you that you may not be as smart as you believe. The technique here is straightforward as it requires you to move the blocks out of the path of the red brick while trying to move it out of the board.

While it is straightforward and nothing much is involved, after getting the hang of this game in the natural levels, there are frustrating but also rewarding levels. Again, this game allows you to compete with other colleagues to see the person amongst you who is capable of freeing the red block using the shortest possible period.


While lots of puzzle games are available for sale and are commercialized, there are excellent games which are also freely available. One should not stop enjoying his favorite game, thinking that it is expensively acquired from the app store. Today, the above games can be enjoyed merely by possessing and android phone. You need not purchase them for you to enjoy them and have the fun they bring into people’s lives. If you are interested in any of these free puzzle games for your android, never hesitate, run and grab it for free now.