The gaming industry has dramatically evolved over the last few years thanks to the recent gaming innovations that have brought new possibilities. The innovations seem to touch on different aspects of the gaming industry from hardware to software with most innovations being considered the future for the industry. The gaming industry has also been boosted by modern appliances. Today, technology companies are competing on the ability of their recent devices to play modern games while offering better user experience. To increase their competitiveness, some of the modern devices are coming with rare features such as the ports needed for VPN.

7 recent innovations changing the gaming industry

Facial recognition: Innovations such as the Intel RealSense 3D camera have enabled developers to develop games that adapt to the emotions of the gamer. The cameras work by scanning the facial expressions of the gamer on 78 different points. If the camera detects grimaces on the face of the game, the game directly dials down the difficulty level instantly. The facial recognition has also allowed the gamers to create avatars in their likeness.

Voice recognition: Although voice recognition has existed for some time, it has recently advanced beyond turning the console on and off. In the modern gaming world, you can use voice commands to interact with your game further.

Gesture recognition: In the modern gaming world, the controller is no longer as important as it was a few years ago thanks to gesture recognition innovations. Innovations like the Intel RealSense technology enables gamers to interact with devices by just waving their hands.

High definition displays: A few years ago, 1080p was the talk of every gamer, but the advanced and affordability of ultra 4K capability has changed the gaming industry. With unbeatable crispness and colors, the 4K technology is slowing becoming the standard in the gaming industry.

Wearable gaming: The introduction of wearable devices like glasses and smart watches has helped make modern games portable. Although wearable devices began as fitness applications, they are now becoming extensions of the gaming consoles.

Virtual reality: The VR headsets have brought excitement to the gaming industry. The headsets allow gamers to encounter a fully immersive gaming experience.

Augmented reality: The AR games are bringing a new perspective to the gaming industry. Gamers no longer need to be confined to a computer monitor or TV thanks to the AR technology that enables gamers to experience real-world situations.


The innovations in the gaming industry bring new possibilities for gamers and developers. The future games are expected to be more intelligent and responsive to the needs of an individual gamer.